Repairs Including Bodyworks

V S Motors is a highly reputable Car and Van Service and Repair centre based in Sudbury Town, near Wembley in Brent

V S Motors has over 30 years of experience and its skilled staff can handle any car or van repair job. When you contact V S Motors in Sudbury Town, near Wembley in Brent for car repairs, we will keep you informed on progress and will always contact you should any unforseen work arise with your vehicle. No work will be carried out without your authorization.

V S Motors skills in Car and Van repair includes:-

 ► All Bodywork repairs – to exceptional standard; 
 ► Full Recovery Service – we handle everything; 
 ► Key Re-programming – saving you time and money
 ► Air Conditioning – reliable service and repairs;
 ► Car Tyres – best value; 
 ► Laser Wheel Alignment – for your safety and increases the life of your tyres;
 ► Catalytic Converters – reduce carbon footprint; 
 ► Clutches – best value;
 ► Brakes – skilled fitting makes them last longer; 
 ► Suspension – some case better than new;
 ► Lowering Kits – performance with excellent value;
 ► Exhausts (inc Stainless Steel) – last longer and saves money 
 ► ECU Remapping – if correctly done can increase the performance of your vehicle;
 ► Specialist Computer Diagnostics;
 ► Specialist Fuel Diagnostics;
 ► Electronic tuning and Electrical repairs; 
 ► Car Audio and Entertainment;
 ► Car Security
And much more …

ECU Remapping

ECU remapping is basically reprogramming your car for optimum performance. If done correctly, ECU Remapping requires knowledge, skill and time. Whilst most garages simply use averages to save time, VS Motors believe that until your ECU is programmed correctly with precise settings, only then will you notice a smoother, more responsive and quicker car with improved torque and power output.

Vehicle Bodywork Repairs

V S Motors specialise in high quality vehicle bodywork repairs including crash repairs, repairs to dents and scratches and vehicle respray. At V S Motors, we carry out bodywork repairs to the highest standards and our work is guaranteed.

To book your vehicle for servicing call V S Motor on 020 89043533 or submit the Booking Form.

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