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V S Motors of Sudbury Town near Wembley in Brent has been established for over 30 years with a loyal customer base. Some of our loyal customers have moved away from the local area but still bring their cars in for Service, MOT and Repairs. At V S Motors, we strive to keep all our customers happy by providing a personal and a professional service and in return are rewarded by them returning to us year after year. V S Motors is run by Vijay Shah and Derrick D’Mello.

Derrick D’Mello of V S Motors is a highly regarded member of the BNI – an international business network that only accepts reputable businesses as its members.

With every job, undertaken, the car mechanics at V S Motors go out of their way to offer: 
   ► additional checks; 
   ► safety advice;
   ► advanced approval for any repairs; 
   ► cost savings for the customer.


Mike Burlingham

I have been coming to VS Motors for a number of years. Despite moving away from the local area, I still come to VS Motors simply because of the quality of their work and attention to detail. I currently drive a one year old BMW Coupe and have it serviced at VS Motors.

The manufacturers warrantee on my car is protected and the Service Book is stamped. The key reason why I come back every year is quality of work and the fact that they cost less than the dealers is an added bonus.

Alexander Brooks

My Audi failed soon after leaving a BNI meeting. The car being my most important business tool, it is imperative that it is looked after correctly. I called Derrick of V S Motors and my car was being looked over within 20 minutes.

My car now runs as if it was brand new. All necessary work was done to the highest standard and at a price far cheaper than a dealership. However, it is not just the price which is the over-riding factor. More importantly, I trust the work done by V S Motors and personal service provided by Derrick and Vijay. V S Motors can be assured of my future business.


Over the past year, I noticed that I was loosing power in my C Class Mercedes. I had lost confidence in my car when pulling out of junctions, in fear of the engine cutting out, which happened often. My mechanic and others gave lots of advice but none of them fixed the problem, until I took my car to V S Motors.

The car was due for service and MOT at the end of the month. In desperation, I took my car to V S Motors on Friday morning and was given a courtesy car. By 4.30 pm, the power problems had been sorted out, the car had the service and MOT done and my car was driving like a Mercedes again. V S Motors were efficient and friendly. Now all my family come to V S Motors.

Phil Clark

The Service and MOT by V S Motors on my car were both quick and efficient and extremely good value. The attention to detail was the best I have ever experienced. Apart from my car running beautifully smooth, the inside and outside of the car with much cleaner when I collected the car than when I left it earlier in the day.

Atik Jabbar

V S Motors did an exceptional job on servicing my car which included cam belt change. They were honest and upfront on pricing and the courtesy car allowed me to take my kids to school.

Anthony Weber, Harold Benjamin Solicitors

I would like to offer my personal thanks for all of your hard work in sorting out the series of problems with my VW Passat. I realise that the work entailed has been considerable and that other garages appear to have exacerbated or caused some of the problems with my car.

I am most grateful for both your skill and efficiency and will certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and clients in relation to any future car servicing and repair work.

Charlie Jakeman, Pipeclear Drain & Plumbing Services Limited

Pipeclear Drain & Plumbing Services Limited would like to bring to your attention the outstanding services offered by V S Motors, headed by Derrick D’Mello and his team.

We had a catalytic coverter stolen from one of our 3.5 ton vans and theser costs around £1500. However, V S Motors sourced a second-hand one and fitted it for under £600. We had our van back within a day.

We now send nearly all our vans to V S Motors and will continue to do so in the future.

Orson Jones, MD, Magi-fix Business Analysts

The family car was dur to to have its annual service and having heard other members of the BNI chapter giving referrrals to Derrick D’Mello and saying V S Motors were very good, I decided to give them a try. When I contacted Derrick, we agreed a time for me to bring the car for him to book it in.

He asked me how I would manage to get home without the car and offered me use of a vehicle until my car was done. A day later, the car was done and I was happy with the price and my wife was happy to get her car back.

We would definitely use V S Motors again and highly recommend them.

Mr. A Chaudhary, MD, AC Contractors Ltd

I would like to express my pleasure in regards to the service quality that I have received from V S Motors. I recently had an issue with my company van. Derrick of V S Motors diagnosed the problem straight away without any proble. He recommended that I take the van to the manufacturer because it was still under warranty. I was willing to pay for the repair myself, up to £1000 but took Derek’s advice and had the work done free of charge.

I really appreciated the quick and honest response received and the way V S Motors undertakes their business is outstanding. I would highly recommend V S Motors to antone based upon the satisfaction and service level received.

Sundeep Bhatia, Beaumonde Law Practice

I had a very bad start to the working yea. On the way back to the office from the court, the side of my car was swiped by a white van causing substantial damage.

I immediately telephoned Derek and made my way to V S Motors. Derrick gave me a comfortable and spacious Saab courtesy car. He then coordinated with my insurance company and arranged the repair of my car which is now back in tip top shape.

I am delighted and would recommend the service, care, professionalism and genuine concern shown by all at V S Motors.

Aaron Chichon, AFP Partnership.

My wife’s old Toyota Rav 4 was a constant pain for me because if she didn’t drive it for a couple of days, it wouldn’t start and I was constantly having to jump start it on freezing cold mornings. It needed a new battery I arranged a time with Derrick of V S Motors to have ir replaced. However, as my car is an old import the battery which was ordered was the wrong size. It wasn’t a problen as Derrick got on the phone to his supplier and had the right battery within half an hour, even on a Saturday.

V S Motors checked the oil level which needed topping up. They also checked all the other fluid levels and all of those needed topping up and also changed the faulty indicator light.

I got all this for a price that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else … brilliant service and great value.

Lawrence Lupin.

Recently, I referred one of my colleague to Derrick and he provided an amazing level of service as confirmed my my collegue’s testimonial.

In the week before Christmas, I had to get my brakes serviced on my own car. Despite the Christmas rush, Derrick came up trumps yet again. He collected the car and provided me with a courtesy car. An hour and half later, my car was returned to me washed and valleted inside and out!

The job was dome for less than the price quoted. I will be referring all my friends and relatives to V S Motors as I have never come across a service from any other garage approaching this.

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